What super power will you have?

Lets see what super power you will have!but warning:all powers has warnings!So use them wisely or you can doo a big KABOOM or CRACK anyway...CHUCK NORIS!

Will you have the power of invisibility like invisible women,super strenght like hulk,Laser eyes like Superman,teleportation like hmmm do you know what hero can teleport?

Created by: Max
  1. When you enter a place you
  2. Sometimes do you wanna deisipear?
  3. When your angry you:
  4. Are you shy
  5. When your closet doesn't open you do or wanna:
  6. Do you want to go up of a hight building sometimes?
  7. Do you ever burn a tissue or a paper before?
  8. Someone is in danger,how do you save him/her?
  9. Do you like Sneaking up on peaples?
  10. Do you like sports?
  11. Like walking?

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Quiz topic: What super power will I have?