What is your inner power?

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Thank you for visiting my quiz. I hope you enjoy it and like my disruption/ detail. In this quiz you'll see what your inner soul super power would be.

Now about these powers I tried to do as many powers as I can, but I also wanted to make each power pure and solid. Please check out my other quizzes as well as forgive me for this crappy intro.

Created by: NampaNinja777
  1. First pick the place you want to visit the most.
  2. What would you rather?
  3. On a good ☆week☆ how much do you exercise?
  4. Pick your favorite sport.
  5. What's your second favorite?
  6. What's your third favorite sport?
  7. Now here's a twist pick your least favorite.
  8. What's your attitude on life?
  9. You see a some weird monster coming close to you. Your in the woods, and you draw a weapon. What is that weapon?
  10. Pick your favorite show/ movies
  11. Now for the super hero questions. If you were a hero what would your costume look like?
  12. Now pick a color code for your suit?
  13. For the final questions you'll have story questions. 1st one: You just woke up from a fight you lost and you realized the enemy just got away with one of the people you care about the most. What's your reaction?
  14. 2nd. It's past midnight and you're at the villains base. How do you enter?
  15. 3rd. As you enter you look around. How does the scenery look?
  16. 4th. Your Just done saving the person but right when your about to leave you enemy steps in. What is his power?
  17. 5th. During an intense battle you notice your enemy turning to your loved one/ the person you care about with a weapon. The villain's about to kill them. Do you let that happen?
  18. 6th. Next thing you know you have your enemy to the ground. What's your next step?
  19. Last one make it count, good luck.7th. Before you and the other person you saved depart, they thank you a lot. What's your response?

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Quiz topic: What is my inner power?