how much do you know about gotoquiz

[talks like a swamp lady person who was accually born in Asia] yer thinks yer knows thiseh here website naemed gerterquiz wells i tells yer here nower yous thinks yous knows the gerterquiz well take thissy here quiz make by a gerterquizzian

stops looking heres how chillen ands takes thes test. well child stop starin at me like a fats kiurd ands its chocolate. well scat chillen imms gonsta go cuz i wants toos go and smokes my cigar yea heres

Created by: scolionophobia
  1. whats the first level that you start off your levels with
  2. what do you get if you turn into a novice
  3. what is the last level
  4. if you dont post in the forums guess how many is around the amount of quizzes youd have to make to become a novice.
  5. are the gotoquiz users mean
  6. can you make a quiz if you dont have a account
  7. how many rules do you have in the forums
  8. what color is the bar first
  9. does a thread have a limit to how many of the pages could be
  10. can you use profanity in the forums

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about gotoquiz