Can I guess the country you were born in?

In this quiz I will try to guess your nationality. Now, I know this is dumb but... ONLY TAKE THIS QUIZ IS YOU WERE BORN IN EITHER ASIA, ENGLAND, USA, WALES, NORTHERN/REP IRELAND, SCOTLAND OR AUSTRALIA!

Sorry if you were not born in either of these places. These are the only options really, so I'm sorry for an inconvenience, but you could take the quiz to determine where you child will be born maybe...heh... Anyway, enjoy the quiz peeps!

Created by: English Gal 360
  1. Do you love the place you were born in?
  2. Which accent do you have?
  3. Does someone with the initials B.O lead your country?
  4. Does someone with the initials D.C lead your country?
  5. Does Troye Sivan live in your country of birthplace?
  6. Does Robert Pattinson live in your country of birthplace?
  7. Does Will Smith live in the your country of birthplace?
  8. Was Imran Abbas born in your country of birthplace?
  9. Yo love tea or CHAI?
  10. Yo love hamburgers or BURGERS?
  11. Yo love Vegemite or MARMITE IN THE UK VERSION PUNK?
  12. Ok, back to normality... Choose the letter that begins with the name of your birthplace. (etc choose C for China.)
  13. Last Few now, do you want a cheeky Nandos or a fried F.A.C?
  14. This town is really an armpit, isn't it you Americans? (I needed to search this as I'm no American!)

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