Were you born of the tree?

The sequel of "Were you born of the sea?" So, have you ever indeed pondered: Am I born of the tree? Am I a child of the greenwood? Was I born of their resilient boughs?

If you have ever wondered About any of these things Maybe this quiz will Satisfy your desires And help you To discover your true Ancestry, not ancestry dot com, No listening to them.

Created by: atlasmoth
  1. Were you born of the tree?
  2. Did the tree birth you?
  3. From the tree's festering boughs did you emerge?
  4. Your coniferous mother shades you from the darkness
  5. You dance in the breeze with your sapling brothers
  6. Your mother has no skin, only russet bark garnished with moss and lichen.
  7. You find that you have restricted movement due to your convulsed roots digging deep into the soil of the Earth
  8. You were born of a woody perennial plant
  9. The tree hath birthed you into this world
  10. You sometimes worry that your mother will be turned into paper

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