i can guess what country you come from

do you really no what country you come from?... have you parents been telling you the truth? you might be total oppisites to everyone at school because you are from a differenty country. cruious? try it and find out

are you european, asian,aussie, african, american or are you from other parts of the world. take my quiz and find out if you are not who you think you are, this quiz might change you life. so you better find out, take my quiz

Created by: matt
  1. do you want to travel?
  2. can you ski? and do you like it?
  3. do you like animals?
  4. do you like shopping
  5. do you like the beach?
  6. do you like asian food?
  7. do you like bbq meals?
  8. do you like zumba?
  9. do you eat chocolate?
  10. did you like my quiz. and could you pleaseee rate it!

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