The US Constitution and Totalitarian America

Scientific research has shown that many Americans do not know much about the Constitution. Research has also shown that even fewer people know the truth about the state of the nation, and even less believe the truth. This is our country, and we live here. Why not see how much you know about the truth?

This quiz includes important facts about the United States Constitution and the state of the nation of America. The reason for this quiz is to see if research still proves that the American people could learn a bit more about the truth. Please comment indicating which ones you got right and/or wrong, and what your age range and gender are. This is an anonymous political poll to see how well people know this information.

Created by: AnnyMouso
  1. Of the following, what pertains to socialist ideology?
  2. Which two countries utilized fascist ideology during World War II?
  3. In what ways is the American government able to monitor citizens?
  4. Evidence of socialist ideals can be seen in Congress because...
  5. According to Sheldon S. Wolin who did the Constitution protect, politically?
  6. What powers, if any, does the Executive Branch, the President, have involving war and the military?
  7. What power, if any, does the Legislative Branch, Congress, have over taxes and the president?
  8. Who determines what the Constitution means?
  9. What does the First Amendment say about the rights of the people concerning Congressional laws forbidding petitioning the Government for solutions to justifiable reasons of complaint?
  10. What does the Tenth Amendment (X) state?

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