How much do you like

There are many people who like and I'm one of them. A person that likes is a person who gets on this website often and likes it. A person who loves is a person who gets on here aloft and loves the experience.

Do you like Or do you love There's only one way to know,that's to take the quiz and find out.Leave a comment and rate please. Enjoy

Created by: melinaa

  1. How often do you go on
  2. Have you taken over 50 quizzes on
  3. When you get on the computer, are you thinking:"I can't wait to go on"
  4. Is your favorite website?
  5. If your computer exploded,and you couldn't get another one in 2 weeks would you be thinking about
  6. If had to shut down, would you cry?
  7. If a robber stole your computer why would you go after him?
  8. How much do you think about
  9. Do you have dreams about
  10. Do you tell people to go on gotoquiz. com?
  11. Do you tell people not to go on

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Quiz topic: How much do I like