How much do you REALLY know about vampyres?

Vampyres. Do you know how they are? Some people think they're like Dracula, mean and cold. Other's think they're just like people. What do you think?

I hope you get a good score on this quiz. Now go ahead. Take it! Well...I hate these things so much. Just don't bother reading the rest and take the quiz.

Created by: lilfallenangel

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  1. True or Fasle. Vampyres have fangs.
  2. True or False. Vampyres get blood from kind people who donate it to them.
  3. True or False. Vampyres are immortal.
  4. True or false. (I'm going to start saying they instead.) They fly.
  5. True or False. They are pale.
  6. True or False. They burn up in sunlight.
  7. True or False. They only come out at night.
  8. True or False. (No lying.) You used Google to help with some of these questions.
  9. Okay I've run out of question and the quiz is almost over.
  10. Comment? Rate? Both? Neither/Can't?
  11. Okay bye!

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Quiz topic: How much do I REALLY know about vampyres?