What Is Your Japanese Name? (For Girls!!)

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This quiz is kind of like a personality quiz, only I chose a Japanese name that best suits you! There are four names: Akemi, Kimi, Akuma, and Aho! Which one will you get?

Be truthful on these questions, and you will get the most accurate result! Remember, this is a personality type quiz, and what would your rreal personality be if you were lying?

Created by: Sisi
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  1. You are at school, and see the school bully push a kid down a flight of steps. What do you do?
  2. Pick an emoticon!
  3. Be honest, at school, what group/ stereotype do you fit in most with?
  4. How often do you fight with people?
  5. You are sitting outside, and see a stray cat. You:
  6. If you saw someone crying (on the bus, on the sidewalk), would you ignore him/her?
  7. Are you incentive-nice? Meaning, are you nice to people just to get something from them?
  8. If someone had stolen something from you, but you didn't know who they were, what would you be thinking?
  9. What's your first emotion when your best friend makes a new friend?
  10. Which motto do you go by?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Thank you, now go get your results!!!

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Quiz topic: What Is my Japanese Name? (For Girls!!)