How well do you know anime?

Anime is commonly defined as animation originating in Japan. The definition sometimes changes depending on the context.[1] In English-speaking countries, anime is also referred to as "Japanese animation".[2]

This is a test of your knowledge of anime, to determine how much of an anime expert you are across a number of series. Are you really for the challenge?

Created by: Mr.Anonymous
  1. Elfen Lied-Who killed Lucy's puppy and where was she when it happened?
  2. Naruto- "This place makes me think about the mistakes I've made in the past... and I've made a lot." who said that?
  3. One Piece-Who trained Luffy when he was young?
  4. Inazuma Eleven-When Mamoru Endou(Mark Evans) fails at something,where does he go? (his special place)
  5. Bleach-In the first few episodes,when Ichigo takes Rukia's power, she says that:
  6. Spice and Wolf-To stimulate Horo's true form,one must give an offering of...
  7. Death Note-Light Yagami is very...
  8. Millennium Snow-Toya's servant can transform for...
  9. Fairy Tail-What is Natsu's goal?
  10. Black Butler-What is Sebastian's relationship with Ciel and what species is he?
  11. Fruits Basket-What happened to Yuki when he was little?
  12. Pokemon-How was Mewtwo brought up?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know anime?