Japanese maniac

My Japanese Maniac will give you a great head-scratcher if you're beginning to learn Japanese. It's really fun and exiting. If you're really good at Japanese, this I'm not going to recomend this test to you. It'll be too easy. xD

Are YOU good at Japanese? Do YOU have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you can only wonder, but thanks to my great quiz, you'll find out really soon... if you're a... JAPANESE MANIAC!

Created by: Tammy
  1. What is "red" in japanese?
  2. What is hey in Japanese?
  3. What is Panda in Japanese?
  4. What is 'you're welcome' in Japanese?
  5. Identify the question: "Watashi no name wa..."
  6. how do you write 1 in japanese?
  7. How would you respond if someone says... "Iie, Airegatou."
  8. In japan, what does their flag look like?
  9. How do you say, "A cat is here." In Japanese?
  10. What is the most reconized food in Japan?

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