What would your name be?

SORRY!! JENNY IS SUPPOSED TO BE CLAIRE IN THE RESULTS! Sorry for many mistakes! Well, I suppose this is a "name" quiz, but really it's a personality quiz. I apologize because the names aren't the most interesting and may be inaccurate or you don't like them. And there are many extremely diverse people with the same name, so really name doesn't have much to do with character, of course because children are named before they are born.

Still, I hope the personality in the box suits you somewhat. I apologize if it doesn't at all! I like names and think they are interesting, and I like seeing what my name would be that matches my personality, but it is hard to find a personality and make descriptions of personalities without being too specific that not many people can relate. Well, yeah, I'm babbling but enjoy! :)

Created by: Maddie
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  1. On Monday, you have a huge math test that will count for a good part of your term grade. It's 9:00 the night before and you are:
  2. You're about to take the test. Where are you?
  3. You got the test back- 79%. C+.
  4. Someone in your Spanish class is having a party and you're invited. You don't know them very well and you know there will probably be alcohol there.
  5. You decide to go to the party. You get there and:
  6. When you lie awake at night, it's because you are thinking about:
  7. You got to school late because your older sibling/parent slept in and forgot about driving you to school. When a friend asks why you were late you say:
  8. You wake up in the morning before school. Right now:
  9. On Facebook, your photos are:
  10. Choose one:

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Quiz topic: What would my name be?