So You Think You Know Animals???

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Many animals, many humans. Actually, WAYYY more animals than humans, but who's counting? I AM! So now I'm here to test you: Do you know about the other organisms we're sharing the planet with?

Don't know, do you? Well, that's why you're here to take this quiz! Animals are amazing, maybe even more amazing than humans! That's why we have to learn more about them!

Created by: Sisi
  1. Which one of these following animals of the feline species do not have retractable claws?
  2. Cats supposedly have ____ lives.
  3. In these next three questions, match the animal with it's correct species: Snake
  4. Lobster:
  5. Wolverine:
  6. What is Binomail nomenclature?
  7. What is the name for study of animals?
  8. An animal that eats both plants and meat is called a:
  9. Which is these animals is not a herbivore?
  10. Which group of animals is all herbivores?
  11. Can turtles live underwater their whole lives?
  12. Branchiopods, Ostracods, Copepods, Branchiurans, Cirripedes and Malacostraca are all classes of what species?
  13. To ward off enemies, some mammals produce a bad smell. Which of the following animals does not do this?
  14. How many fins can a fish have?
  15. Dolphins can live in fresh water:
  16. What is a whales teeth called?
  17. What is the purpose of the whales teeth?
  18. Dog is _____ best friend.
  19. think you know animals?
  20. True or False: Monocots and dicots are types of crustaceans.
  21. Last questions: Thanks for taking meh quiz!

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