How much of a AR are you

What is AR. AR is short for "animal rights". Some people believe that animals should have the same rights as humans. They put animals above their own lives. They believe that animals are not ours to eat or wear.

So,how AR our you? How strongly do you believe in the concept. Take the quiz and find out where you rate.You may be surprised at what your results are. Maybe you will find that you believe strongly,or maybe just a little.Or maybe not at all.

Created by: Amie
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  1. A squirrel jumps in front of you while you're driving. You:
  2. You find that the town you moved to is also home to a fur farm. You:
  3. You witness your neighbor kicking his dog.You:
  4. It's hunting season.During a walk you and your friends see a hunter enter the woods.
  5. Your mom suggests going out to dinner. You are surprised when she pulls in to KFC. You:
  6. You want to buy some shampoo.You
  7. What is worst?
  8. Animal liberation front and Peta
  9. Which is better? Deer hunting,squirrel hunting or duck hunting?
  10. If you were on a deserted Island with a pig and there was no vegetation would you eat the pig.
  11. Would you attend a rodeo.

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