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  • I think you are confusing animal rights with animal welfare. I would avoid a squirrel because there is no reason to needlessly kill an animal. I would not eat at KFC be cause of trans fatty acids and general garbage food. I am STRONGLY animal welfare, but I am not animal rights in the slightest.

  • I would avoid the squirrel because of a learned reflex not to hit things with a car, not because of placing the squirrel's life over mine. I have no desire to hunt, and so I might not ask the hunter questions because i know hunting takes concentration, and for these questions there seems no answer which will give a right score while satisfying the question. I think the AR movement is a cult, and wish it were more like Jonestown, would contribute for that final punchbowl.

  • I don't know nor do I care whether I am viewed as an animal rights advocate. I do my own thing and have my own beliefs, I will not try to convert you. PETA might talk the talk but they do not and have not walked the walk on behalf of animals. How anyone can contribute and support those phony murdering son of a terrorist, I will never know.

  • Seventy three percent animal rights,I think a few of ur questions are kinda one sided only but I honestly love animals alot more than people so I know I'm a animal lover. I hate hunters and abusers I wish they would burn in hell.


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