Do You Truly Love Animals?

Animals. They've been here as long as we have. There are graceful animals like deer and horses, sneaky animals like rats and mice, all kind of exciting animals!

One common thing for people to say is: "Well, I love animals!" Think about it now. Do you really love animals? Try this quiz and you just might find out!

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  1. Now, let's get started. Imagine that you're at the pet store and you see a dog that is deformed, born with only three legs. What do you think of the dog?
  2. Now imagine that there's a dying rat in your basement.
  3. Let's pretend that a hurricane is coming! What do you do NOW?
  4. So, let's say that you're driving your brand new car and a deer jumps out into the road. It's impossible to avoid this: you hit the deer.
  5. Let's be honest when I ask this: Do you ever pull an animal's tail, hit an animal, or carry an animal around the wrong way on purpose?
  6. Do you believe that animals can be ugly?
  7. Do you believe that animals can be stupid?
  8. Do you ever judge an animal by its looks? Be honest!
  9. Now for a very important question: do you know what zoolatry is?
  10. Zoolatry is when you worship an animal or "go green" a lot for the sake of animals and stuff. It's wrong. Helping animals is important, but don't worship them! God comes first. He made you!

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Quiz topic: Do I Truly Love Animals?