How much do you love animals?

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I love animals personally so I thought lets see whether others do too! I could never have enough pets - I would always want more and id like to think I would help animals if I found out they were in danger! But what about you?

So this quiz shows just how much you like animals - you could surprise yourself by thinking you are the best owner a pet could have when actually there's probably room to improve!

Created by: Beth

  1. A dog is abandoned, tied to a bench you:
  2. your friends are treating their cat badly do you:
  3. Your mum threatens to give your hamster away if you clean its cage?
  4. Your with your friends and your dog 'embarassingly' slobbers all over your face - you:
  5. A fly land on your hand do you:
  6. Are you a
  7. Your dad is going out hunting for deer - what do you do?
  8. did you like this quiz?
  9. do you have any pets?
  10. what would you rather buy

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Quiz topic: How much do I love animals?