Do you know a lot about animals?

Animals are around us everyday, from the nearly invisible gnats of the insects to the large majestic bears people fuss over. Some of us have learned to love animals, and study them.

Have you studied them good enough to nail this quiz? Rub it in my face? This 45 question (that's alot) quiz has questions some that are simple as "what do birds have instead of fur?" to as challenging as "how many teeth does an alligator have?"

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. You're an animal LOVER (like I mean BIG TIME) right?
  2. Okay, now to the serious questions. What is the commenest way of BREATHING in the animal kingdom?
  3. How do Great White Sharks protect their eyes in an attack?
  4. What is the only bird with claws on its wings?
  5. Are dogs color blind?
  6. The human has 7 bones in its neck. Now compare that to a giraffe's neck bones. How many does a giraffe have?
  7. What is the fastest creature alive today?
  8. What part of the animal kingdom has the most species?
  9. Where do cats sweat from?
  10. Which lion does most of the hunting: male or female?
  11. How many eyes do most spiders have?
  12. What is the only animal that can't jump?
  13. Is it true Tigers have striped skin AND fur?
  14. Is it true camels store water in their humps?
  15. Is it true snakes can see through their eyelids?
  16. Where do butterflies taste from?
  17. Where do katydids have ears?
  18. How do dolphins sleep??
  19. Owls are the only birds that can see the color _____?
  20. How many days can a cockroach survive without its head?
  21. Why are flamingos pink?
  22. What color is a polar bear's skin?
  23. What is the strongest animal in the world for its size?
  24. What is the smallest bird in the world?
  25. Are black widows poisonous?
  26. What's the most poisonous marine animal?
  27. How long can a Quahog Clam live?
  28. What animal can only be stopped by burning its nest?
  29. Opposums mate through their ....?
  30. TRUE OR FALSE? squirrels are good at swimming.
  31. TRUE OR FALSE? some monkeys can breathe under water.
  32. Which of these animals is NOT extinct?
  33. Are pandas found in Africa?
  34. What bird has the longest migration?
  35. What is a group of kangaroos called?
  36. What are dogs also known as?
  37. What does the Texas horned lizard do to defend itself?
  38. The platypus is the only mammal that...
  39. Where do aye-ayes live?
  40. The okapi is the only known relative of ...
  41. How do bats reproduce?
  42. Can a sponge re-build it self if it is ripped to shreds?
  43. Why do some salamanders have bright colored tails?
  44. What is one fruit poisonous to dogs?
  45. Why are crabs so hard?

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Quiz topic: Do I know a lot about animals?