How Beautiful Are You?

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America's Next Top Model, Miss America, that girl/ boy that all the boys/ girls want at your school. The world is filled with beautiful people! Are you one of them?

Take this quiz to find out! If you don't know what the different body shapes are, just search it. Don't be lazy ;D So, are you ready to find out if you're a beautiful person?

Created by: Sisi

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  1. Do you have any facial flaws?
  2. What's your BMI(Body Mass Index)? Link to find out:
  3. What's your body shape?
  4. Do you wear glasses?
  5. What make-up do you wear?
  6. What condition are your teeth in?
  7. What color is your hair?
  8. Have you dyed or highlighted your hair before?
  9. Do you have any physical abnormalities? (Club foot, missing body parts, etc.)
  10. How beautiful do you think you are? 1 being Absolutely Hideous, 10 being Absolutely Stunning.

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I?