Which of My StErEotYpES Are YOU?!?!

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Alright, so I was bored and made this quiz. This is defintely not one of my best ones and if you want to see some of my better ones, click on my name below these paragraphs...

So...ya....the title is pretty self explanitory. I just have my own stereotypes that I put people in and now that you are taking this quiz you'll be in one of them!!

Created by: Sisi

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  1. Do you have a Facebook? (No I am not a stalker!) (>:I) (xD)
  2. If you answered yes, how many friends do you have?
  3. What color ish your hair?
  4. How many times a day are you called a b----?
  5. Pick two words:
  6. Now choose an emoticon:
  7. Do you go on random chat-sites?
  8. Do you think these questions are wierd?
  9. Favorite animal: (Idk, I'm running out of questions)
  10. Text, IM, Talk, Online-Chat, Web-cam.

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Quiz topic: Which of My StErEotYpES am I?!?!