How white are you?

Race may only be perception, but there are certainly some among us who subscribe to a lot of stereotypes. Some people out there are admittedly extremely generic representations of their ethnicity.

Are you one of these people? Do racists look to you to reaffirm their prejudices by saying "Well, look at that person. Stereotypes MUST be true." Find out with this short quiz.

Created by: John

  1. Do you enjoy drinking coffee?
  2. Is your religion the same as your parents'?
  3. Do you think film festivals are cool?
  4. Do you like farmers' markets?
  5. Do you like Barack Obama?
  6. Do you find Asian women more attractive than others?
  7. Do you enjoy traveling?
  8. Do you dislike your parents and/or view them as being extremely "old-fashioned"?
  9. Do you think vegan/vegetarianism is stupid?
  10. Do you enjoy having friends that are ethnically diverse?
  11. Do you think Apple products are stupid gimmicks and/or fads?
  12. Are you a fan of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, or both?
  13. Do you like Indie music?
  14. Do you know what's best for poor people?
  15. Have you ever threatened to move to Canada?
  16. Do you consider grammatical correctness important?
  17. Have you ever promised to learn a new language?
  18. Do you hate people who wear Ed Hardy?
  19. Do you think camping is a stupid idea for a "vacation"?
  20. Do you enjoy irony?
  21. Do you like large corporations?
  22. Do you like St. Patrick's Day?
  23. Have you ever owned (or considered owning) a Toyota Prius?

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Quiz topic: How white am I?