How well do you know the latest fads?

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What are fads? Fads are things that mostly everyone knows about,uses in there daily life. Its sorta like a trending topic used by everyday people, mostly teenagers. I hope you enjoy this quiz.. comment,rate,share.

Yeah, i know theses fads may not apply everywhere,but how am i supposed to know what the fads are in every country worldwide. Some things, there are just no time for so please don hate on this quiz.. just because these arent fads in your country or if you think i messed up on something.. im human... it happens.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Who is slenderman?
  2. "call me Maybe?" How did this fad start?
  3. What is trolling?
  4. Who are the most popular teen boybands right now?
  5. What is a social networking site that is popular right now? And gaining popularity.
  6. What is "bieber fever"?
  7. Who are LMFAO?
  8. Complete the conversation... "Hey wazzup dude?""......"
  9. What does nm,u? Stand for?
  10. What is smartphone?
  11. Were silly bandz ever a fad in america?
  12. Is it a compliment to call someone swag?
  13. What does this mean? "Did you really just do that?" Person 2: "Yeah, Like a boss!" What does like a boss mean?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the latest fads?