United Colors of Benetton

This quiz handles about the latest trends, campaigns of United Colors of Benetton, a well-known clothing brand. All the answers on the questions can be looked up at the site of United Colors of Benetton.

Are you an expert on the area fashion, latest trends and especially the clothing and campaigns of United Colors of Benetton? Take this quiz and in just a few minutes you will find out! Good luck!

Created by: Evelien

  1. After the great success of the wool collection, United Colors of Benetton presents the new PIN UP sweater for spring/summer. Wherefor is this sweater designed?
  2. What is the mood of the United Colors of Benetton Woman and Man Collection for the Spring/Summer 2012?
  3. How many shops are located in Pakistan?
  4. What is the name of the new perfume for men of United Colors of Benetton? (The fragrance is designed for a dynamic man always on the move and who likes to sport.)
  5. What is the main theme in the campaign of United Colours of Benetton for kids and teens, toddlers and babies?
  6. What icon is selected for a design of pyjamas and underwear for him, her and children for Valentine's Day?
  7. How does colours make you look, what adds colour to your style?
  8. How is the gadget called to listen and download songs from United Colors of Benetton?
  9. In how many colours can you buy the sunglasses nr. BE716?
  10. What are the features of the travel bags of United Colors of Benetton?

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