What color are you

Colors can mean many things-they make you feel certain ways,show mood,power and CHARACTER!When you see a bold color you think Wham!And some colors are soothing-like lullabies.

Take this fun short quiz to find out a bit about your fun personality,your pros and cons and a bit more through...colorful colory colors!It will only take a few seconds of your precious time!

Created by: nini
  1. Your best friend has a hole in his pants.You notice it and you
  2. At the ice cream shop you get
  3. On a hike up a mountain you
  4. if you were an animal
  5. your user name in a get to know me site would be
  6. are you getting bored
  7. there is going to be a marathon
  8. Do you like chocolate
  9. what color do you think you are
  10. Do you play a musical instrument
  11. do you wish you were an only child

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Quiz topic: What color am I