What color werewolf are you?

Hello friends...there are many different colors of wolves.... all are acceptable. What do these colors represent? Do you qualify for a certain color? Pondering this can be tough...

What color are YOU?! Do u have the right characteristics to qualify for the color you dream of having? Wonder, no more my friends. Take this quiz and ur fate shall determine!

Created by: Alana
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are challenged to a duel. Your pack is depending on you. You start the fight. which strategy do u use?
  2. it is time to vote on the new leader. why should you be chosen?
  3. how do people (your pack members) describe you?
  4. do u like pie?
  5. what is ur favorite color?
  6. what is your dream job?
  7. favorite word?
  8. team jacob or edward?
  9. are you _______? (the answer fills in the blank)
  10. k, last question...
  11. what do u wanna do right now?

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Quiz topic: What color werewolf am I?