what color is more you or how you feel?

Ok this quiz is to see if you act like a color. You can be energetic or calm, good or bad, or you can be 2 mixed together! But to find out you have to take this quiz.

So this quiz is about personality but also feeling color! Do you have a colors feeling? You can be joyful or peaceful, or you can have a desire for power or love but you never know!

Created by: SecretLie5
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  1. Are you powerful, determine or desire for something?
  2. Have you lived a good life? Like full of wisdom, success?
  3. Are you full of joy and happiness? Maybe even if you are scared of something?
  4. Do you have harmony in your life? Like peace with some of the people around you?
  5. Are you smart and not afraid to say it?
  6. Are you stable but full of energy?
  7. Are you always good and innocent?
  8. Are you full of negative stuff? Like evil, and death
  9. Which is cooler fire and blood or confidence and loyalty?
  10. What would you like? healing and super vision or luxury and royalty?
  11. What's more fun creativity or energy?
  12. Being pure and lively or being mysterious and elegant?

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