The color opposites test!

This is a quiz I have created to test you on color opposites and such. You can take it right now, if you so choose. Please. Please. Please take my quizzay.

And feel free to check out my other quizzays and polls! Woo hoo! Boo yah! Yay! La la la Here it goes: * beautiful star :) happy :( sad :D laffy Thats enough!

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Whats the color opposite of red?
  2. Orange?
  3. Yellow?
  4. True or false. Black and white are color opposites.
  5. False or true. Orange and yellow are color opposites?
  6. Do you really know your color opposites?
  7. Do you even know what a color opposite is?
  8. Do you know your favorite color? And your best friends favorite color?
  9. Are yours and your best friends color opposites?
  10. Are pink and grey color opposites?
  11. Thank you for taking this quiz!
  12. Comment and rate?

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