What color are you LEAST like?

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People can be categorized by their feelings by color. For example, you could be considered red for being rude, but orange for being happy and fun-filled. Have you ever wondered what color you aren't classified as?

Many quizzes are the same. Of course, they're made by different people, but is there really a difference? How does this, knowing that you'll always find the same thing, make you feel? But wait! Could it be? A difference? Find out now!

Created by: amazon
  1. What would you describe yourself as?
  2. What would your friends describe you as?
  3. If you had free time, what would you rather do?
  4. What wild animal would you like to own?
  5. There's a huge debate going on. You ______.
  6. You notice a couple fighting on the street, and there's a crowd. You ______.
  7. Which (out of these) is your favorite color?
  8. You see your boyfriend/girlfriend kissing another girl/guy. You _____.
  9. You notice that what you had planned to eat is missing. You ______.
  10. People in general make you feel _____.

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Quiz topic: What color am I LEAST like?