Shout out: Trolling Bankson!

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Hello welcome to my second quiz special thanks to Trolling Bankson i hope he or she finds this quiz i might have gone overboard with the thaks but well...

any ways this was just a quiz to say thanks to Trolling and i just felt like making another quiz since i only made one and one person took it, hopefully this time more people will follow in Trollings foot steps.

Created by: Weaux

  1. Hi!
  2. So this quiz is a shout out to Trolling Bankson...
  3. So anyways I've only made one quiz besides this one and Trolling was the only little angel who took it!
  4. So i just wanted to thank her/him for that...
  5. I dont know what else to put :/
  6. So what did you think of my last quiz?
  7. Okay class you may take a short break to quietly talk among yourselves while i make an important phone call!
  8. *on phone* You really have to go? ok you hang up you hang up first... no, you... No! i dont what to... ugh okay fine i'll hang up... no not really!... you hang up!... i'll miss you... no i'll miss you more... no i'll miss you! i will miss you sooo much more... okay hun, okay bye, love you... i love you more... no i love YOU more!
  9. Okay so know i really dont know what else to put, and i refuse to rely on gibberish.
  10. Yay last Question! so once again thanks to Trolling and anyone else taking this please comment and rate, bye!

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