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Hey guys. It's been awhile since I have been here so I want to make a shout out to the people I sadly left behind. I don't know if their still here though.

I love these people so I explained them with weirdness (I know, I'm weird...) Well. Thank you for reading, hope you like it, and, um, bye!

Created by: LemonLime of Stardoll
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  1. Hey guys! Before I start I just want to say something. You all might know me as IcyDesignns, but ever since I started school and forgotten the account password, I had to make this account. Sorry! It doesn't matter if you still want to call me Icy or you can now call me Lemon or Lime or whatever you want! I just don't want to be forgotten here, knowing how much I loved this place. Thanks. Enough said, let's start the shout outs!
  2. I don't know if she still comes here, but shout out to her anyways, AZY. She was the first friend I had here and she gave me an amazing warm welcome to this site. Love you and forever
  3. Now this chick is amazing right here. You all might know her as I Forgot My Name, but to me, she's my sister. I love her thin through thick, no matter how many fights. Miss her though, she never messages me back on Face Book.. (lame excuse, I know..) Wanna talk to her, it's been a couple months.
  4. Zane. As simple as that. There is no words that can explain his awesomeness, so I just give him a virtual hug! (weird, right? he loves those) He is epic. Amazing. Nice. Creative. Man, how can I explain it? I just love this dude. He's always been like an older brother to me. Thank you, Zane.
  5. Jackie, you might know her as SWAGGIRL. It's true. She does have swag. Man. This chick, crazy... No lie. Haha. She is really weird and I love her for being herself and not like anyone else =) She's a one of a kind, and you can't find someone like her at all!
  6. Anri hyuga... or just anri. One word. Awesome. Nuff said =)
  7. You all know her as natuhleegayle, the one who wrote the amazing Harry Potter series. I haven't kept up with it at all but I loved the ones I have read!
  8. Xavier. I guess I should say brother like sister? Him and Jackie are just........weird. There's no other way to put it. I remember the last thing I said to him before we stopped talking for months. "...your like a brother to me," It's true though. He is. Love ya man =)
  9. Last but not least, Nashira. Or FireSoul. She is fenominal at writting and I love her creativity as well as her humor. She can cheer you up no matter what. And if you ever want to soap, do it with her if you want a real good one. Note to Nashira: I want to do a soap with you soon... =)
  10. Well, that's it I guess. One more thing before I go. I'm working on a new story about greek mythology (gods and goddesses) I might call it the Golden Rose, maybe? Ideas could help, if you want. Check it out when I finalize it, you might like it if you're into the supernatural kind of stuff. I'm not an amazing writter, just saying. I might need constant reminders to slow down in writting....I tend to rush a lot. nough yabbering, please leave a comment and like. If you want to be in a next shout out just ask in the comment area.

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