Shout-Out Quiz!

Well, this is a shout out quiz to all meh homies on GTQ! This will include the people who asked to be on here, including a few others who I decided were going to be in it anyways, just because I like them that much :)

So yeah. If your not in the quiz its not my fault. So dont come whining to me, that would be REALLY annoying. If you wanted to be in it, well maybe you should have said something. -_-

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. DeathStar: You are really nice and cool! I cant wait to get to know you better, so I will hang out in offbeat more, because I know that is where you thrive :) You are really funny, and I like that! Overall, you are a fun person to be around!
  2. DOA: You are one of the people who was nice to me when I first came here! You usually take my side on most fights, and you are really nice and cool. I hope to get to know you better, so next time I get a chance to, I will talk to you! See ya!
  3. Sports: We share a boyfriend, Ron Weasley...Im so glad that you are still on GTQ. You are really nice to me, and you are just so fun to be around. Thanks for being such a great friend, and sticking with me. I dont really know how else to put it, your just so AWESOME! XD
  4. Death Note: I dont really know you that well, so I hope we can talk sometime and I can get to know you better. From what I know, you are really cool and funny. See you later!
  5. Bigboony: I have no idea who you are, sorry. I had never seen you before until you commented on this thread. :/ Maybe we could chat sometime?
  6. Likeaboss: You truely are a boss. XD Anyways, you are really nice, and fun to be around. Hopefully we can chat some more and I will discover more things about you, because I dont know you too well now...
  7. Kirby: AH! Love you Kirby! You were one of the people who helped defeat Ihatehoes! Great work! Anyways, your, like, one of the awesomest people on this site. You really funny too, and I used to not like you, because I got a bad first impression, but now I think you are really awesome! Thanks for being a great friend!
  8. Dragon Ember: Well I dont know you too well either, so hopefully we could chat sometime. So far I have a good first impression of you, you seem nice, yeah!
  9. Dark: I decided to include you because you didnt say anything, and I love You are really nice, and you were one of the people who was really kind to me in meh newbie days. That RP we did was really good! Thanks to you and Sage for teaching me to Soap! It was really fun, I cant wait to do it again!
  10. Teresa: I also decided to include you because you didnt say anything, and you are really awesome. You were one of the first people I met on GTQ, without even going on yet! Sage used to tell me about you at school, and then when I met you, I liked you a lot! I love how your not afraid to express your opinion!
  11. HawaiiRockstar: Wow. So much to say, so little time. Lets start here. I hate you. Sage suggested I shouldnt put you in the quiz, but I wanted to, just so I could say this. You are kind of annoying, and you are really rude to a lot of people. Your almost as bad as all the other newbs we have defeated, if not worse. I hope you leave. Goodbye.
  12. Sage: So much to say...Well, you introduced me to this site, and I love it. I feel at home here. Thanks to everyone else who has been so welcoming. You are my best friend in real life, and I hope that never changes. I hope that me, you, and Alice can still be BFF's, but can branch out and make new friends too. GTQ would not be the same without you, bud!
  13. Thanks for taking! Sorry if you werent included, dont whine. It wasnt my fault you didnt say anything...XD

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