My Shout-Outs to All Dem Peoples

I wanted to level up, and a quiz is the easiest way, so I decided to make one. I hope you have fun taking this quiz. Let me know if you want a shout out in the next one.

Potatoes, Gummy Bears, Cheetoes, Anacondas, Tits, Mandarin Oranges, Candy, JoySticks, PopRocks, Apples, Oranges, Pears, Aliens, Bushes, Trees, Penises

Created by: DARK YOSHI

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  1. My first shout out is to the first person who became my friend on GTQ, Home Girl.
  2. My second shout out is to my beer buddy, ICEE CHILL.
  3. My third shout out is to meep da first, who decided to become one of my closest friends on here.
  4. My fourth shout out is to my sis, Elizabeth_love, because I have to. :P
  5. My fifth shout out is to Hephaestus Child who is a pretty cool person in my book.
  6. My sixth shout out is to happypuppy, who even though is completely annoying at times, is still my friend.
  7. My seventh shout out is for Unloving who is pretty fun to talk to.
  8. My eighth shot out is for both Omega Wolves, cause they have awesome names.
  9. My ninth shout out goes to sonic_x/SUB ZERO because he seems really nice and was one of my first friends on here.
  10. My final shout out goes to The Geek because he's wierd and pervy in a good way.

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