Mah shout outs!

So, these are all the people ( I think) who have made my Gotoquiz life happy! Look down below and see if your name is there! If you are special to me and I forgot to add you, comment it!

This paragraph 2 nonsense it stupid. I summed up everything above, so I guess only fools will come here to read this. Football my orange tater tot and then jump on the bandwagon.

Created by: doodle

  1. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who I have talked to in my Gtq life! I have many names, Carri04, Anastasia, 666 sick, I ilikemusic, Kitsune, Nakita, Takos Rule, DonotDisturb, Hailey42, Tim Nuna, Xavier, Fire fairy, Olive Owl, Yo Master 44, Timothy44, DaughterofApollo, Darkrai 1000 and Biance
  2. Skatterbrain: Buddy, you have been a best friend to me. You were mostly on when I first joined Gotoquiz and you always took my quizzes.. You always talked to me and never tried to put me down or anything. You should come more often man, your the greatest one around.
  3. Kish: You were one of the first people I talked to and you are a cool guy to hang out with. You are super to nice to all. Thanks.
  4. Cool Lily / Slytherin Queen: You are the best! You are super cool and funny! We did lots of stuff together, me you and Sara had lots of mini fights, we ate popcorn *imaginary* together and laughed and people? We also had fun in the doodle dragon thing. Come in more often so we can talk!
  5. Death Star 321/ Anri Hyuga: We both used to talk a lot when you both came and we chatted a lot. But now I don't talk to either of you much. Let's talk sometime!
  6. Teresa22: Ter, Ter, Ter, The sarcastic one. I remember from the good 'old days when you used to tease me (and Sara!) about stuff. Also the time when I was an experienced and you were an advanced..... The teasin :) Even though, you were always like a best friend to me and you are amazing.Thanks.
  7. Dragon Ember: YOU ARE THE BOMB! Epic! We always chat about everything and you are by far the best person on this site to talk to about anything. You are an amazing person and I wish there could be more people like u!!!!
  8. Last, and finally the least: Dragon/Sara: BEST BUDDY! Dragon, we have chatted over so many things over the years, and they would be countless to name, so I'm just gonna say parts like the doodle dragon and when I found out you were a girl XD. Last year, you were on almost about every time when I came on and we would have fun together. With Lily also. You were my best friend on Gotoquiz and I really really hope that you read this, so that you can see how much you were a friend to me and the countless things we laughed over.... Thanks for being there and being a part of Gotoquiz.
  9. Okay, Incase I missed out anybody special, write I the comments and I will add you, Bye!
  10. Bye

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