Shout outs quiz

This is my shout out quiz. If you want to be in it and you aren't , just tell me in the comments and I will add you in the shout outs!((: Thanks for reading these.

I just want you to know, Nick, you're my favorite person on gtq :3 And that was so NOT meant to be flirty. I am just being friendly. You are awdsome if you take this quiz!((:

Created by: Likeaboss

  1. First off is Nick, or most know him as StitchedHeart. Nick, you are the most awesome freshman I have ever had the privilege to talk to. You are so nice, and so easy to talk to. Thanks for talking to me((: And I told you that you'd be first!((:
  2. FrozenHeart, also known as Icy Designs. I feel bad. I haven't really had the chance to talk to you. I'm sorry you lost your other account. I'll try talking to you more.
  3. Daughter of Apollo. What can I say? You are halrious. Whenever I read your threads I can't help but laugh. I hope we can talk more because you seem really cool.
  4. Gracie, otherwise known as GraceFace. You and Cori were supposed to be my cousins gtq bffs, but sadly she left. You are a great person, and I love talking to you. Thank goodness 'Stella' as you call her, told me to talk to you.
  5. Cori, A.K.A. Sports19. You seem to have major 1D infection and I think it rubbed off on me! 0.0 You are really cool, I like talking to you on the forums.
  6. Anri-You and Nick are so cute together! You are a really cool person. You seem really shy, though. Talk to me more, girl. I love your opinions!
  7. Olive Owl- You were recommended by DeathStar. I don't talk to you so I don't know what to say. Sorry /: Talk to me more and I'll edit this and make it better!((:
  8. Heph- You were recommended by DeathStar. You seem like an awesome person, though I never really talk to you. I'll make a mental note to talk to you more!
  9. Kat, or Katherine, whichever you perfer me to call you.- You seem like that funny party girl that just wants to live life with very little worries. You are really cool, though I hardly talk to you.
  10. Puffball- I have no idea who you are! D: I haven't seen you anywhere but one other thread. Sorry I don't have anything to say but I do like your name ((;
  11. Teresa- I appreciate all the advice you give. You are fun to talk to. Thatnks for being my friend!((:
  12. DeathStar, or as some call you, Death- You recommended people so I had to put you in here!((: This is your shout out ;P
  13. Xavier, or as some, such as I, call you X- From my first day you were really welcoming. I love your personality and I look forward to the next time I get to talk to you.
  14. Emma- You're my friend in Britain!((:Thanks for remembering my name. It's greatly appreciated!((: You are a fun person to talk with and I love your personality!((:

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