GTQ shout outs for friends

Ok good you like d it I hope cuz if not I would be sad not just jidding you dint have to like this quiz if you don't wantmto is just a matter of yor opinion.

Your are a genius blah blah blah im a genius were all geniuses if your not which you so you are not I am. Good for you this makes no sense. My mom- jk don't talk about my mom.

Created by: K3VIN

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  1. GTQ shout outs: Zane, Daisy, Carrot, Dcgirl,AwesOme and everyone else I didn't mention.
  2. My best friend is: Azy
  3. My most talked to friends are: Nitro, Azy, Carrot
  4. My 2 best friends: Azy and Carrot
  5. First person ever met on here: Nitro and Azy
  6. Craziest friend: Sisi and Zane
  7. Comment on shout outs.
  8. Rate on shout outs.
  9. Who do you think is my most fav friend on GTQ?
  10. Done

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