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Hello, people who are, for some reason, reading the description. There's nothing really that useful here, so read this if you want, but you might as well move on to the shout-outs already.

I don't know why I made this quiz. The picture for it is Kaoru-chan from the anime Powerpuff Girls Z. My arm really hurts from all this typing, actually. I'm doing it all with a stylus. Warning: There are ponies in this quiz. If you like ponies, may the ghasts allow you into the Nether. To shoot you with fireballs. xD It's actually a privilege, I love ponies.

Created by: midnightkobra

  1. Note: I've never done this before, so I don't really know what I'm doing. :P
  2. First off, Gabbie! I thought you were gone from this site for a while, but then you suddenly came on a thread I was on. I had missed you, and I'm glad you're back! Hope we can chat more~
  3. Next, Eva. (UnLoving) You're one user that almost always goes on my threads, while most other people ignore them. Thanks for being there~
  4. Jonathan. (Not his real name) Thanks for being my friend, buddy. You're one person that makes me look forward to going back to school, and makes it fun. Many good times and many laughs, thank you~
  5. Sophie. (Not her real name either) Thank the ghasts you're in my life. I've waited years of desperation to find somepony like you, and when you came into my life, my wait was over. You're the reason I'm not gonna move out of the state. I'll see you soon~
  6. THE GHASTS. You're not actually real, but if you were, you would rule this world, and that is why I shall praise you. ATTENTION PEOPLE: IF YOU ARE IN MINECRAFT, DON'T YOU DARE KILL ANY GHASTS, EVEN IF YOU NEED A GHAST TEAR.
  7. Now I'm pretty sure it would be dumb to keep putting people and other stuff that isn't real here, but this is my quiz so I'm doing it my way. XP
  8. PINKIE PIE AND RAINBOW DASH. I love you both! I can't tell you how many times you've both made me so happy when I was sad! I don't know how I could've gotten through the past year and a half without you two~
  9. So, that's pretty much it, I really don't know why I made this, so yeah. :P
  10. Bai! Please leave a comment for a quiz idea or two~! ('Cos I kinda need 'em. :/)

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