Shout Outs (SeaGirl)

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you. You don't know about me, but I bet you want to. -22, Taylor Swift.

So, these are just shout-outs to people who have read my stories. I know many other people have read them too. I've checked the stats and more than 80 people read my story :) so happy. I love all :*

Created by: SeaGirl

  1. So, my first shout out will be.. *drum roll* liz_king97. I've been looking at the 'My Journey As A Demigod' stats. And, in all of the parts, Liz was there. So, I thank her for staying with my story and giving it a chance(:
  2. Second shout out.. Goes to... DeathStar321 and Flight(: Again, I looked at then stats for 'My Journey As A Demigod' and you guys were there. So, thank you! I honestly silently scream everytime someone reads my stories(:
  3. Third shout out.. *drum roll* LoneShadowWolf and PoseidonDaughter. Thank you guys SO much for giving my story a chance(: this shout out goes for you!
  4. Another shout out goes to.. Beatle Obsessed and Ashl3y! Thank you! I saw your names at Part 4 and 3 of my story(: THANK YOUUUUU! (:
  5. Shout out goes to.. *drum roll* Klaire and frogald4444! Thank you for giving me a chance(: You're both amazing people(: thank you!!
  6. So, here's another shout out.. smf98! Thank you so much! (: I saw your name in Part 8 of JAD. :) thank you so much!
  7. So, here was my first real friend on Gotoquiz but we did meet before on CS(: *drum roll*.... DaughterOfApollo(: I'm so lucky to have met you Meg! :D
  8. This last shout out goes to, natuhleegayle. I started talking to her on Wattpad and she's an amazing person(: I might not sure if she's going to see this but this shout out's for her! :)
  9. So, that's all my shout outs(: Sorry if I forgot anyone! Gotoquiz has a lot of amazing people on here and I'm excited to meet you all(:

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