Shout outs! #2 ~rvelez~

This is my second shout outs! The first one was very short and I promise you this one is a bit longer. These people deserve a shout out! They're pretty epic. x)))

Le ignore this paragraph. I pretty much explained everything in the first paragraph. So now I need something random to do now. Oh wait. I already did that. ^.^ Enjoy my shout out quizzy.

Created by: rvelez

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  1. These aren't in order. :P
  2. Okay. SG115. You're awesome. And weird but weird people are awwweeeessooommmee. x3. You're nice and fun to talk to.
  3. SugerCube. Omg. You're epic, girl. xD. I have fun role playing with you and you're very talented. :3. You're an awesome friend. Never forget that.
  4. Ashl3y. Meh soap buddeh. You're like a little sister to me. I enjoy talking to you and you're the second person on here that I can tell every little thing. XD. You're talented as well and don't ever say you're not. Don't give up.
  5. Dark22978. Kitty! You're an awesome cat person. :D You're uber nice and fun to talk to. You're also indeed talented! I lurve your red hair and sometimes I wish you were my sister. :3
  6. Weaux. Now don't think I hate you, bro. Cus' I don't. :P. You're unique and wild. >:3 Very random and that's good! One more thing: BLAH :d
  7. Deathstar321. What's wrong sis? We no talkie anymore. WE NEED TO CATCH UP HERE NOW GUUUURRRLL.
  8. evil angel. You're fun to talk to and I know we get into arguements sometimes but I could never stay mag at you. :P
  9. SPEECHLESS. Omg dude. Where are you? ;-; I miss you. You always made me happy and you're uber funny. I still remember the song you told me to listen to when I'm upset and everytime I listen to it, it reminds me of you. And that makes me happeh. c':
  10. absol heart. You know what I'm going to say already. x3. I love talking to you but I always get the feeling that something is bothering you. I'm here if you ever want to talk. :3
  11. mcqueen. Nice. Very nice. xD. You're postive and you rock at being nice. Talking to you is something. :)
  12. sweetbunny480. Gurl... I lOVE TALKING TO YOU! Never am I bored and you're too sweet. :3 you're epic and fun loving!
  13. LetsBeFriends. You can be a bit pushy but over all, you're a awesome friend. :)
  14. Br0wnieBunny. See how everything changed between us? See. Being nice can change what others think of you. You're weird xD fun, energetic chick. Really. You're fun to talk to. c:
  15. rockstar98. Dude. Even though we don't talk much, you're epic. DUH. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! xD. You're extremely funny, weird and just flat out awesome.
  16. Sports19. We need to talk more. I miss talking to you. You're a really nice friend. :)
  17. 6 6 sick. I'm sure you don't know me but I must saaaay... You're really nice. I would to talk to you sometime. :)
  18. tenten16. You probably aren't going to see this but... I MISS YOOOOOOUUU. You were the only one I could tell anything. You didn't jude me and you're really uber nice. x3 we had a lot in common and we always helped each other. Wow. I'm tearing up.. Hope you come back sooner. :')))))
  19. I swear I missed a lot of people and if I did, I'm soooo sorry.

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