Teresa's GTQ Shout Outs!

So these are my shutouts. Thanks to Mitchy, angelic4, for not killing those who also do these. If you're not here, leave a comment and I'll be sure to mention you. I tried to add the order I met people. I don't have much to say so sorry if they're short, but I wanted you guys to know you meant something to me. c:

Yeah this isn't great writing, but as I said above just wanted to let you guys know what you mean to me. :) well that you mean something to me, sorry if I didn't explain well. :/

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Kiki, I doubt you'll come on GTQ again to see this, but I want you to know I thought about you as I wrote this. I miss you so much and I hope you come back to GTQ! You were probably the first person I really talked to here and you were so accepting. You have an awesome personality and you're so pretty! :) talk to me soon.
  2. Flibber, you showed me the ropes of this site. I really enjoy talking to you when you're on and I'm glad we got to be friends. Plus you're so adorable! :3 just felt like adding that. ^^' love you Flibby! :) in a sisterly way.
  3. Selena, to be completely honest we didn't have a great start. ^^' But I'm happy you got over it quickly and we became friends. I was a little afraid of you until I saw you were over it though. You're a great mom and a great friend.
  4. Angelic4! You joined the same day as me so we were, and still are I suppose, newbie buddies! Haha, I don't know. :/ we didn't meet in the forums for a bit though, but you've helped me a lot and I think you're awesome. I got this idea from you! You're really original and just overall awesome.
  5. Ting-Ting, you were actually the first person to post in my first thread. :) I think. . . Sure it was to correct something I said, but still we talked a bit after that and you're pretty cool. I love your art and I'm really happy we're friends.
  6. Dragon/Sara and skatterbrain. I met you two pretty early on too. You were here before I went to school because of the time difference. I enjoyed talking to you both and it got my day on a nice start. ^-^ You're both really nice and fun to talk to.
  7. Slytherin queen, you're on during the day mostly so I talk to you more often. You're also really cool and an awesome great aunt? I think that's how we're related haha.
  8. Viktor, you're a great grandpa. I know you said you left, but as I said to Kiki,I thought of you while making this. So yeah. ^-^
  9. Mandy, you joined not too long after me. I remember when everyone asked you if you're a guy even though "girl" is in your username. XD Anyways, you're a cool sister and a great friend. :)
  10. Alana, we didn't talk much at first. But we've started to and I am really glad that could happen. ^-^ you're an amazing writer and you have very creative ideas. You're one of my few role models in life. .3. Keep being Amazing Alana!

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