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  • Are you a Ghast Worshipper?
    [published: Aug 29, 2014, 2 comments]

    This quiz is completely unserious. I might sound a bit harsh with an answer you might get, or like……

  • Mini's Shout-Outs! ^-^
    [published: Aug 07, 2014, 3 comments]

    Hello, people who are, for some reason, reading the description. There's nothing really that useful here,……

  • A random quiz. o.o
    [published: Jul 18, 2014, 2 comments]

    This quiz will probably annoy you in some way. But I urge you to take it anyway! No seriously. I'm……

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  • Blehh
    "Okay, thanks for talking. Oyasuminasai~~"
  • Blehh
    "Sorry was just listening to that."
  • Blehh
  • Blehh
    "Are you ready for the unexpected?"
  • Blehh
    "Whaat? You look like you got that covered X3"
  • Blehh
    "Not to brag, but it's pretty amazing. Especially now that it has video support for the internet browser. But, that's just convenient for me...."
  • Blehh
    "I'm actually on my New 3DS XL right now. :3"
  • Shadow and Zank
    "*Sees recent post* *Blushes* Mmm...Sam....mmmm.... Me: o_O Might want to block this from recent posts."
  • Blehh
    "Oh my ghasts. I said ty spell check with an arrow, then said "me online.""
  • Blehh
    "3DS. I get sad when people online completely annihilate ("
  • Blehh
    "Smash Bros just made me quit and throw the game across the room. I do not know why I even try."
  • Blehh
    "Because I don't really get anything out of being here. It used to cause me great enjoyment but everyone left and no one talks to me anymore ..."
  • Blehh
  • Blehh
    "Zs = sleep? I dun giddit..."
  • Blehh
    "But they are people like everyone else, so why treat them different? People who have been going here longer could still be new to you, so yo..."

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