Shout outs!~rvelez~

I met and chatted with amazing gtq users and I'll like to give them a shout out.IF i didn't name you,I'm sorry but I'll love to get to know ya'll so my next shout out quiz would be longer:P

Ok skip this part and this part and this part because it's nothing and I want you read the shout out lol:P Ps:Whats up with gtq?It changed a bit...oh well enjoy:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. *holds back tears* Kk...I am here to give shoutouts to the following amazing people.
  2. First and I mean FIRST, is Skyler Potter.You are one of the first I've talked to when I first came here.You are funny,sweet and even though we don't chat that much...I want to get to know you better cause you sound outgoing.YOU ARE INSANELY NICE.
  3. Secondly....mcqueen ! You make me smile when you read my series: I Know Your Secret. You've been supporting me from the beginning and I am truly thankful for that.
  4. Thirdly...Sage Parson.We don't know each other well but I can tell we have a lot in common.You are funny and kind.I want to get to know you better and chat more.Like Skyler Potter,you were one of the first that I talked to and you have an awesome personality.
  5. Next is...absol heart.Man you have a nice personality too and you sound outgoing too but we don't talk much and I want to change that:) I think we have some things in common and thats great cause you are a nice person.
  6. Next is....DeathStar321.We don't know each other well but you sound like a nice person.
  7. Xxdeath_angelxX is next and again we don't chat much but thank you for taking my series.I love your comments.It makes me want to rush into the next part so I would't keep you waiting:P Thanks.
  8. Last shout out goes for the people out there that read my series.Thank ya'll so much.It means a lot to me.I you haven't read it,its called I Know Your Secret pts 1-10 are out.Please take them.The amazing writer xxblutixx is the person I'll love to thank AGAIN.She is a big inspiration.For ya'll who don't know her,please read her series Don't Leave Me Hanging:)
  9. I love this site and without my sister...I wouldn't be here.She's the one who showed me this site and I begged her to show me how to make an account but sadly SHE doesn't have one and trust me I beg her to make one:P
  10. Ok thats it for now.One more random question: Which is better? CHOCOLATE OR SKITTLES?:P

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