Shout outs quiz 2

This is my shout out quiz. If you are in it then yay! If not then I either forgot you , I don't talk to you, or I don't like you. I hope you like your shout out

If you are in this. If there are spelling errors or whatever, sorry. I'm laying in bed sick and I'm not in the mood to correct my errors, okey dokey?

Created by: Likeaboss

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  1. First off is Meg/Megan who goes under the username of DaughterOfApollo. Megan, you are a really funny person and I wish we could talk more!
  2. Next is Dragon Ember. Ember, you seem like a cool person but I never get to really talk to you do I don't know for sure. I have to try talking to you more!
  3. Third is Nuna! Oh Nuna, the converse loving ball of awesomeness! I love talking to you! You are such a great friend and you are really helpful to talk to. Thanks *hugs*
  4. Fourth is I_love_planes. I have never talked to you before but I think that should change. You seem nice from what you say to everyone else.
  5. Next is Zilla. Once again, I don't really know you. I think it is you that I see with the soaps that are really good... But I'm not sure. Anywho, I have to talk to you and get to know you better because you seem awesome!
  6. Next is X! :O That rhymes... X you are do fun to talk to! You have swag written all over you! You and Nuna are such a cute couple! ^-^ Thanks for being such a good friend!!
  7. Next is Gracie, the awesome person under the username Grace Face! Gracie, you are so random and outgoing! And you're a really good friend! Thanks for being so nice and funny! XD (This is to the real Gracie, not the impersonator)
  8. Next is Ashley! Ashley, you are the bomb! You can be both serious and goofy! And you always know what to say!! Thanks!
  9. The before people asked to be in here. Some I would have put anyway, but others just asked. Now I'm about to put people that didn't ask.
  10. So that brings me to my next shout out, Anri! You are a delightful soul to talk to and I think you and Nick are sooo cute together! You are really awesome!
  11. Then there is Teresa! Oh my goodness what can I say to ale this short sweet and to the point?! You are so so so fun to talk to even though we rarely talk anymore. You can cheer me up every time I am upset! Thank you! *hugs*
  12. Next is Cori. Girl, you are so awesome! I wish I knew you in real life because I KNOW that we'd be good friends! Not like that.... Just friends 0.0
  13. Now for Zane! Ahh ZANE! *tackle hugs* You are like one of my favorite people on gtq! I love talking to you! You and Nashira are a beautiful couple ^-^
  14. So that's all of my shout puts. If I missed you, sorry :( Tell me if I missed you!

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