Hitler or Obama

A lot of people are making comparisons between Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. This test will determine how much you know about each person and their differences.

If you're a member of the Tea Party, you probably think there's no difference at all. If you're a regular Republican, you probably think they're basically the same. If you're a Democrat you probably think they're nothing alike. Regardless of your party, you may be surprised.

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  1. Anti-organized labor
  2. Opposed Treaty of Versailles
  3. Attempted a coup
  4. Reduced military
  5. Boosted fuel efficiency standards
  6. Born in Austria
  7. Build up military
  8. Called Christianity the foundation of national morality
  9. Declared Dictator
  10. Eliminated Pay Inequality Laws
  11. Ended national torture policies
  12. Expanded hate crimes protections
  13. Expanded health coverage for children
  14. Expanded national service
  15. Expanded wilderness protections
  16. Helped South Sudan declare independence
  17. Imposed new sanctions on Iran
  18. Improved school nutrition
  19. Increased food inspections
  20. Increased support for veterans
  21. Killed himself
  22. Cancelled planned moon mission
  23. Limited nuclear warheads
  24. Not a natural-born citizen
  25. Passed Consumer Protection Act
  26. Passed Fair Sentencing Act
  27. Pro-organized labor
  28. Reduced deficit by half
  29. Reduced unemployment
  30. Regulated tobacco
  31. Responsible for the death of 5-6 million Jews
  32. Held responsible for starting a war
  33. Held responsible for ending a war
  34. Turned around national auto industry
  35. Went to prison
  36. Wrote a book
  37. Won a Nobel Prize

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