How well do you know GOTH?

There are many MANY stereotypes around these days and sadly. Most/all of them are untrue. There is not many people whom actually know the stereotypes well enough to understand how nice some of the people actually are.

Do you know ther stereotypes? Can you understand some of the rumours are VERY untrue? Do you REALLY know the truth? Well, take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Taylor
  1. Do goth's believe in the devil?
  2. Are goths depressed people who want to kill themselves/others?
  3. Do goths cut themselves?
  4. Do goths HAVE TO wear black. Can they wear colours/white too?
  5. Are goths normal people? Or are they mentally disturbed.
  6. Do goths take drugs
  7. Which is the goth? 1'st goth "mUaHaHaHa. I'm going to blow up trhe school." 2nd goth "..."
  8. Where do goths shop?
  9. Spot the goth band.
  10. Are you a goth?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know GOTH?