Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

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Many people wonder what there future will hold, and MANY are scared by it. But if want a (partially) accurate result, come here!

The questions I will ask you are about your day to day life! Your bedtime, your social life, how much you drink, all of this are key factors in your future! So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz!

Created by: Sisi
  1. In your social life, who's most important?
  2. What are your grades you get/ got in school?
  3. On average, how late do you stay up?
  4. Why do you stay up late?
  5. Hygiene is _________ important.
  6. Sex is:
  7. *commotion in the break room/cafeteria* Stacy: OH MY GOD!!! IT'S A BEE!! KILL IT KILL IT! IT'S GOING TO KILL ME! Izzy: Nature! Peace! Flowers! Free the bee!!! Vladimir: Black is cool. Black stripes are cool. Yellow...ugh. You:
  8. You strive for:
  9. What do your friends see you as?
  10. The future for you is:

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Quiz topic: Where will I Be in 5 Years?