The Wonder Years Quiz

This is a quiz of the best t.v show that was ever made, The Wonder Years. If you are not versed in the show than taking this quiz my pose some difficulty. If you have seen the show than you still may find some of the answers hard to come by.

For my group on myspace "The Wonder Years", I expect you all to get a perfect score. I'm counting on you. Some of the questions are easy but I had to do so for the masses. You should have NO trouble with the quiz.

Created by: Patrick
  1. Kevin tries to find a Christmas present for Winnie after he unexpectedly receives one from her. She told him not to open it until Christmas. What was the present that she got Kevin?
  2. In the episode when Coach Cutlip (Kevin's gym coach)was in charge of teaching Sex Education to the boys gym class, what did Kevin say Coach Cutlip's drawing of the female reproductive system look like?
  3. What company did Jack Arnold (Kevin's dad) work for?
  4. Everyone knows that the love of Kevin's life was none other than the lovely (Gwendolyn) Winnie Cooper. But what was the name of the girl that stole Kevin's heart at a drive-in theatre on a spur of the moment trip to the lake one summer?
  5. In the episode where Winnie has a crush on the McGovern Campaign spokesperson Mike Detweiler, Kevin feels obligated to volunteer on the campaign committee with Winnie. What political party was the campaign associated with?
  6. What is the name of the Jr. High school that Kevin, Paul, and Winnie attend?
  7. Coach Cutlip (Kevin's gym teacher) had another job that he had worked hard to keep under raps. What was his other job?
  8. In episode 41 "Faith", it is tax time. Only one problem, Norma has lost all of the tax receipts from the prior year. While everyone in the Arnold household awaits the catastrophe that will surely take place when Jack (Kevin's father) finds out about the r
  9. Kevin's sister Karen is about to celebrate her 18th birthday. A lot of strife and tension is building in the household between Karen and Jack (Kevin's father). At the end of the episode what gift did Jack give Karen?
  10. Where did Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper first kiss?

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