~*you say you know me, but do you really?*~

Few people know this, but Audrey went through a dark age... an age which consisted of no social life. She left her friends from Middle School because she felt she was aiming for disaster. She transferred to Ascension Academy her eighth grade year and resorted to limiting herself to studying and dancing.

For three years, Audrey was reclusive and didn't aspire to have many friends. Luckily, this phase abruptly came to an end, and she has reopened herself to the social life she once obtained. But for those three years, she kept everything from everyone...now we'll see who knows her the best!

Created by: audrey

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  1. What ballet school am I going to this summer?
  2. What are my favorite TV shows?
  3. What are the names of my dogs?
  4. Of these, which is my favorite singer?
  5. What is my favorite pizza?
  6. What is my car's name?
  7. What is my middle name?
  8. What animal is hanging from my rear view mirror?
  9. What did I name Brenda in my car?
  10. What instrument do i play?
  11. What is my favorite season?
  12. Which is not true about me?
  13. Which is my favorite coke?
  14. What is my dad's name?
  15. What is my good luck charm?
  16. What is my favorite subject in school?
  17. What foreign language do I take?
  18. What is my favorite color?
  19. What is my favorite Disney movie?
  20. Who is my favorite actress?
  21. What stands out in my room?
  22. What kind of phone do I have?
  23. What is my favorite vegetable?
  24. What do I usually get at Jason's Deli?
  25. What's my favorite cigarette?
  26. What street do I live on?
  27. Where do I want to go to college?
  28. What do I do when I'm bored?

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Quiz topic: ~*you say you know me, but do I really?*~