What Band Shall I Introduce You To Today? (Indie!)

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I'm just sort of realized only one of my bands is REALLY Indie, but don't let that scare you! The rest of the musicians are really sweet! So come on in and discover some new music!

READ THE SECOND PARAGRAPH! Just kidding, I never do. I hope you like the new music, make sure to rate and comment! It's really not that hard to do! Like really, just do it. -_-

Created by: Sisi

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Sorry about only having four bands, and only 1 being Indie...
  2. Two of the bands have no vocals. Would you like to listen to a band with no vocals?
  3. If you answered Yes to the last question, chose one:
  4. For the other two bands, what do you care about more?
  5. If you chose Male and Female, what do you want more of?
  6. Indie music:
  7. Okay, so that's kind of all the questions I needed to ask. XD
  8. 9-12 have no effect. The reason why I made this quiz was so more people could hear some new music.
  9. I think you should make a quiz lke this two! I always love to hear new music. Make one, and then post the link in Comments!
  10. Sorry, I'm realizing this quiz is really lame just now. But I've put to much laziness in it to give up now.
  11. Thank the sweet Lord! Last question/ statement. I'd HIGHLY reccomend listening to the other musicians! You might like them and I'd love for these artists to have some fans! Hope you liked the quiz!

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