how well do u know the wonder that is leah?

greg i have copied your quiz almost identically. yes mate! And I wanna believe you, When you tell me that it'll be ok, Ya I try to believe you, But I don't. When you say that it's gonna be, It always turns out to be a different way, I try to believe you, Not today, today, today, today, today...

go ahead. see what happens. [hope you get 79% greg!] I'm Standing on a bridge I'm waitin in the dark I thought that you'd be here by now Theres nothing but the rain No footsteps on the ground I'm listening but theres no sound

Created by: leah

  1. what is my full name?
  2. what languages can i speak?
  3. when am i at my happiest?
  4. who do i think is the greatest psychologist of all time?
  5. why do i think he's the best?
  6. what do i most want to be?
  7. what is my favourite song?
  8. what's the meal i'm most likely to get in a restaurant?
  9. in my opinion what's the meaning of life?
  10. what's my favourite out of these films?
  11. whose songs to i [sometimes embarassingly] know all the words to?
  12. which would i rather have?
  13. which out of these do i think is the worst disney film?
  14. what car do i want for my first car?
  15. who are my favourite guys?
  16. what colour is the "chunk" in my hair?
  17. when it reached the final three in xfactor who did i want to win?
  18. which out of these do i think is the prettiest song?
  19. who is dearest to me?

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